Some people collect stamps - We collect photos of the ugliest people in the world.


Before submitting a photo read our guidelines. We can’t personally thank each submitter, but all submissions are very helpful and we highly appreciate your participation.


1. No nudity.
Only photos considered “safe” is appropriate for 1000uglypeople.com. If you would hesitate to show your photo to a child, your mum or Uncle Bob, please don’t submit the photo.

2. Photo size and quality.
Don’t submit small photos in thumbnail sizes, the size of the photo should be at least 400 pixels wide. The photo must be in good resolution, no one wants to look at a fuzzy photo.

3. Friends and enemies.
Don’t submit a photo of a friend or a person you don’t like just because you want to see him / her on 1000uglypeople.com.

4. Non-ugly photos.
Remember this is a niche website, only ugly photos.